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    Map help please

    Sarah Lange

      Hi, I'm trying to create a map of locations with links to different items.


      Challenge 1 is that my countries/cities outside of the United States disappear (I only have a few) when I drag the states and cities for the U.S. locations onto the map. Can I still include Buenos Aires, Paris, etc., on my map? The problem seems to be that I have only cities and countries but not states for these locations.


      Challenge 2 is that I have multiple items/links for some cities. For example, I have four items connected to San Francisco. Is there a way to show four separate points with unique information on the map near San Francisco, or can I show all four items connected to that city with one point? Right now data for only one item shows up on that point. I hope that makes sense.


      I've done the online tutorials, but I haven't seen these issues addressed. Thanks in advance for your help!



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