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    Automatic chart export as picture

    Ramóna Gáspár

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to automatically save pictures of our selected charts?

      One of our customer would like to have it in their daily generated data package as a picture.


      Thank you in advanced,


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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Ramona;

          Are you using Tableau Server?

          You can use TABCMD to create a PDF download, and with the newest versions of Server-- PowerPoint downloads.

          Automation of creating PDF workbooks and delivery via email


          Kudos to Gallop Tab for this detail.


          With Server, you might also be able to hack a dashboards using the ALERT function, keyed to a transparent graph that always exceeds the Alert threshold.


          If you're not using Server but desktop, an automatic download may not be possible without third-party automating software. It can still be done manually, and newer versions of Tableau can download it directly into a PowerPoint slide.


          Good luck and happy vizzing!

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