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    Include Null in an Action Filter

    Kevin Coles

      Hi there,


      Probably won't be able to post a workbook for this question as it's confidential info etc. but I hope I can explain it sufficiently.


      I have a dashboard that displays project planning hours by employees and is summarized by each employee. When the user clicks on an employee a view displays the details by way of an Action filter. This all works great. However due to the underlying data which segments the hours by weeks (format of 02/11 - 02/17), if an employee has no planned hours in a given week, the detail view would collapse to only the weeks with hours. So to pad this I used a UNION ALL in my query to populate 5 future years worth of weeks to the data.


      So In my query data all weeks are represented and on my detail view I can select the Null to show the empty weeks, then hide the Null row. Problem is when I use my action filter on the dashboard it always removes the Null row. I am looking for a way to pass Null from my action filter along with the user selected Employee. That or some other way to force the detail view to always include the Null so that all weeks are represented regardless of whether the employee has planned hours in those weeks.


      I hope this makes sense and I can also include some screen shots if needed.




      Kevin Coles