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    Apply Highlight Action Across Worksheets with Different Filter Settings

    Ben Stubbs



      I'm trying to use a highlight action to show results from two different data sets (in this case American Community Survey 2014 vs. American Community Survey 2017). What I would like to happen is that when I hover over a state in the map or barchart showing the ACS 2014 data, the corresponding state and bar is highlighted in the ACS 2017 data. Right now, only the data from ACS 2014 is highlighted (or vice-versa: when I hover over a state in the ACS 2017, only data from ACS 2017 is highlighted). Is there a way to do this?


      I've combined the two data sets into one data source, which I use as the source for my worksheets, so I'm not trying to highlight across different worksheet data sources. The variables all have the same names in the data source and all the variables I use in the highlight action are included in all worksheets used in the dashborad (so I don't think I should have the problem described in this post: Highlighting issues


      However, I use a quick filter in each source worksheet to select the data source and the states I would like to show in each map/barchart. Is this causing the problem? If so, how do I get around this?


      See the attached workbook (built in Tableau 2018.2).


      Thanks in advance!