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    Hover over Geographic Mark, and show Breakdown in Label?

    Catherine Lee

      I am using Tableau Desktop. I have created a geographic map, which graphs Export Value ($) by geographic City in the US, on a worksheet.


      What I have so far: On each geographic City, there is a mark, whose size corresponds to the Export Value. The Export Value Measure can be broken down into multiple specific Industries (a dimension). There are approximately 70 industries, each with a corresponding Industry Code and Industry Description. I have created a filter that I can use to toggle between different industry codes. After selecting one industry code, when I hover over any one of the marks, the Label displays the Export value of the single industry I have selected, along with the Industry Description.


      Question 1: When I select more than one industry, however, the Export Value does NOT reflect the sum of the export values corresponding to each individual industry. Rather, what seems to happen is an addition mark will pop on the map, superimposed on top of the old mark, with the relative size reflecting the export value for the newly selected industry. Is there a way to have Tableau SUM the export values of the individual industries when I select more than one, and display the total Export Value and a corresponding mark on the map? Also, is there a way to get the label to show the Industry Description for all Industries I select?


      Question 2: I imagine this one is a little more involved. Say I choose to display Export Value for all industries. Is there a way to hover over the mark for a city, and have the label display a breakdown of the top industries ranked by export value? For example, for the city of San Diego, the top 5 industries ranked by export value are V, W, X, Y, Z. Ideally, it would display this in a visual representation (say like a Pie Chart). If this is not possible, a simple ranking of the top 5-10 industries by Industry Description and corresponding Export Values would also do.


      Much appreciated!