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    Overlapping interactive worksheets in tableau

    Soumya Toppo

      I need to make a dashboard with 27 worksheets which need to switch dynamically with parameters with constraints. I need them to be interactive. So I was using the vertical container and inserting the worksheets. Now the problem is that since there are 27 worksheets they are cascading one after the other which is resulting in a lot of whitespace in the dashboard.


      If I overlay them one above the other then the selected worksheet will not be interactive as another container is above it.

      I require the worksheets to be overlapping and interactive. Really require your help as a solution is urgently needed.


      I am not able to include the workbook due to data sensitivity reasons.


      Thanks in advance

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          Michael Gillespie

          I fear you have set yourself an impossible task.  27 is a very big number.


          Are you familiar with Joe Oppelt's many posts and examples on this forum on this subject?


          Community Appreciation - Joe Oppelt - start here and search for more based on what you see.


          If you are already using that method, or one like it, and it does not meet your needs, you may need to take an alternate approach.

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            Soumya Toppo

            Thanks Michael Gillespie. I have gone through Joe Oppelt's video. Unfortunately, I am using the same approach of putting multiple worksheets in a container


            Suggestions for a different approach are also welcome.

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              Michael Gillespie

              OK - good to know.  This is where it gets interesting.


              It's very difficult to recommend alternate solutions without knowing the specific details of your problem.  I realize you can't share the data or the workbook, but can you give ANY more info?


              If you don't want to or can't do that in a public forum, my contact information is in my profile on this site, or you can find me on LinkedIn pretty easily.  I'd be happy to converse offline.


              As a start, though, might it be possible to achieve something like the same effect but with separate dashboards that are driven by parameters and action filters?

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                Diego Parker

                Hey Soumya,


                As far as I know, what you want to achieve it is not possible withing Tableau. What are you trying to achieve? Why it is important that all the worksheets NEED to be in the same worksheet?


                I second Michael's suggestion of using an alternative approach. Maybe we can discuss more ideas here.




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                  Soumya Toppo

                  Hi Diego,


                  My objective is to make a dynamic container with multiple dashboards which can be changed/switched with the help of parameters. With my current approach, I am getting the functional result but the aesthetic result is getting amiss.


                  With the vertical/horizontal container, 2-3 worksheets are fine since the cascading effect is minimal. But with 27 worksheets, its almost covering the entire page with the worksheet inserted at the end pops up at the bottom of the dashboard upon changing the required parameters.


                  If I just lay worksheets one above the another, so that all of them are aligned properly, they would lose their interactiveness.


                  Therefore, I am assuming that my approach, though correct, is not working in the desired manner.


                  The dashboard is simple. I have total 9 graphs, which I need to divide into three scenarios. The user basically needs to compare the three scenarios (result set) using the filters and parameters independently. Therefore, I have 27 worksheets (9 graph x 3 scenarios).


                  The client needs all the output in one page(dashboard) with the parameters/filters(scenario, graph data, dimension) lying there and he can see the desired result. Therefore, I had to put all the worksheets in one container.


                  I am trying to obtain the same result as Joe Oppelt. Its just that my worksheets are more in number.


                  Would be really great , if I could get an alternate approach to get multiple interactive dashboards in one container. Maybe with actions or any other function. I am new to tableau and it will be really cool if I get any good advice from you all. In the meanwhile, I will try to make a sample tableau workbook, with similar data set so that there is more clarity




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                    Soumya Toppo

                    Thanks Michael. I will contact you and discuss this issue offline. Really appreciate your help.


                    I am also thinking of using actions and parameters which drive the dashboards. I might need some guidance here since I am new to tableau.

                    Would be really helpful if you could show me a sample workbook or something similar?  No pressure, only if its okay for you