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    Simultaneous Logins History

    Wesley Miranda

      Good afternoon!

      I need to create a panel using the internal Tableau Server database to control concurrent access on different machines of the same user on the tableau server ... That is, check who is supposed to be sharing your password with someone else. I got to look at some tables as 'historical_events' but it is not bringing all user access history (in some users it brings history up to 2018 being there in 2019 as well). Anyone have any ideas how I can set up this panel?

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          Hello Wesley,


          I need a little more information about the desired result of the custom admin view. Reviewing the request I believe the desired view is to allow only users to login from a single computer to Tableau Server? Or are you just trying to report on those that are logging in from multiple machines?


          Please help me better understand so I can provide resources or information to assist.



          Byrne, Patrick

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