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    Tableau Online or Tableau Server? Which one to purchase based on my requirement?

    Nipa Madhani

      Hi everyone,


      I already have one Tableau creator licence with me. Now my company is planning to purchase 10 licences of Tableau Explorer. We are not very sure whether to purchase Tableau online or Tableau Server.


      Requirement :

      1. I would like to connect to Mysql, Google analytics and Dynamics CRM ODBC driver
      2. These data sources and workbooks extracts which I prepare on Desktop should refresh data automatically on schedule in Tableau online or Tableau server
      3. We do not have a dedicated server to install Tableau server or to run Tableau Bridge client 24*7.




      1. If we buy Tableau online or Tableau server we will need a dedicated server to run Tableau Bridge client as we have an on-premises database like MYSQL?
      2. Can Google analytics data refresh on the Tableau server?
      3. Do we have to install Tableau server on every user's computer? or we can just install in a single computer(not a server) and then people can refresh the extract from their own Tableau server login?


      What is the best option if we do not have a dedicated server and connect to data sources like Mysql and google analytics to automate the refresh on a scheduled basis?


      These questions might be basics but I did not get 100% accurate answer on search so posting here.


      Thanks in advance.