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    Continuous date filters on Tableau Online not working properly

    Sergio Alonso

      Hi everybody,


      I've been using the slider type of filter for dates for quite a while now, and most of my clients are telling me it's a bit hard to work with. When I looked into it, I found out that the filter on Tableau Online is not working as in the Desktop version. In particular, this is not working the same way:



      This is on the Desktop version. As you can see, when you click on the name of the month, it drops a list of each month,and when you click on the year, you can type right on it.


      But when you try to do the same on Tableau Online, it doesn't work: in fact, it does nothing at all. I'm not sure if its an error of my workbook, or if it's a general error... Is there any way to solve this? I was thinking of using parameters to do this, but it does the exact same.


      Any help would be kindly appreciated!

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          Sujay Paranjpe

          Sergio Alonso


          Mate, well done in picking up this difference in behaviour.


          In general, Tableau online lacks a lot of functionality that a Tableau Desktop can do but the purpose of both Online and Desktop is different..


          This difference in behaviour definitely needs a rectification because its an obvious way you would want filters to behave.


          Please highlight this by raising an idea for Tableau developers here - Ideas


          Cant think of any alternate at the moment.




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