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    Automatically Refresh data on tableau server

    Xu Han

      Hi Guys,

      I know this has been brought up many times however I searched and tried myself yet still can't understand how does the refresh work.

      I created a dashboard with live connection to our database and then published it to the server. I hope to get it auto refresh every 15-20 mins as we plan to put it on TV, but I noticed it only refreshes after I click "refresh" button. Pressing F5 only reloads the browser, the data did not refresh. I searched online and all said need to use Java script.

      Hence I switched to Extracts, tableau desktop immediately created a extract and saved to my desktop, I then publish the dashboard to server (without publishing data source). The server screen asked me for refresh schedule, I choose hourly. I camped for two hours, it did not refresh automatically, clicking refreshing button does not generate outcome either.

      Ps: I does not seem to have admin right, I can only see below refresh options

      Question: How can I make the dashboard automatically refresh data every 15-20 mins, live or extract. Is Java script a must?