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    Create Parameter with custom Display As

    Sebastian Saint Arroman

      I am trying to build a parameter where the user will be able to select an id (an unreadable integer) from a dropdown. I want to display a name for each id to the user so that they understand what they are picking. I understand that this can be achieved by the "Display As" option in the parameter field, however my parameter has over 5000 options, and while I am able to copy and paste either the Ids or the Names into the parameter list, I can't copy and paste the Ids into the value column and then paste a seperate Names column in to the Display As column.


      When trying to use just the names and a case calculated field, Tableau freezes when pasting the case statement into a calculated field.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can create this parameter (assuming I'm not going to sit here and manually set all 5000 Dispaly As names!)