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    What are the correct steps to move worker nodes between server environments?

    Katherine Woods

      For reasons I won't go into, I need to move a worker1 node from our fail back environment to be worker 2 in our production environment, and a worker2 from that production environment to be worker1 in the fail back environment. (The production environment has a primary and two workers. The fail back has a primary and one worker.) Both servers are on the same Tableau revision 10.4.12


      I tried to decommission the file store on the worker 2 in production and remove it from the production installation using the config utility, but once I did that, the other worker 1 started having issues with extract refreshing. I had to put it back to address that. So, this left me wondering:..


      What are the right steps, in the right order to make this swap?


      Would it help to do this during a server upgrade, as we are planning an upgrade to 2018.3.2 in the near future, or would that just add another level of complexity to the process?


      Anyone out there that has done this before and can provide me with the right steps, that would be GREATLY appreciated!


      Production set-up:


      Fail-back Setup: