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    Data from extract embedded not refreshes, when published data separately everything is fine. What is going on here?

    Sagi Alagem-Iversen

      Hi guys.


      I have a report that is connected to multiple sources with some pre SQL queries.

      This report worked in the past but for some reason fails right now.


      When working on my station, it is my machine that impersonate itself to the data source, I can see the data, and publish the report with the data source embedded.

      After the publishing process is completed I can see the data on the report correctly as I sew it on my machine.

      When I perform refresh extract on the server, the data disappears from the report and the user will see the dashboard without the data.

      If I publish the report again, this time with the data source separately, the refresh extract will work as expected.


      This seems peculiar since in both cases, embedded or published separately, the same service account will be impersonate itself as the same user.

      I checked the AD group members. and it on the surface it seems that tableau service account is there. Moreover, this report used to work in the past with the same connections.



      Any suggestions?

      and... thanks in advance. this great community is nothing less than amazing