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    Dynamic user views with highlighting instead of filtering

    Daud Nasir

      I have a question about dynamic user views:

      I don't have any problems with user filters, but the requirement is to create a kind of "default filter" depending on the logged in user. Users should therefore have a defined view, e.g. according to their assigned countries, but unlike the user filter they should also be able to remove the filtering. I'm assuming that this is more of a "highlighting". Is there a corresponding functionality in Tableau? Is this implementation in Tableau possible at all? Thanks in advance!

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          Tim Dines

          Is it possible to share your work?  If users are to see their data and only their data, then you could use Initial SQL return only the data available to the user.  You can get the User Name value from Tableau.  You can also created a calculated field that looks at the user name and presents data based on that value, but it poses a problem that you would have to modify and republish the workbook if the names of your users changed.  As far as highlighting goes, this is a great function in Tableau.  Go to the Dashboard menu and choose Actions then choose Highlight Actions.