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    How to create a map with Dots grouped by if the map is unzoomed

    Charles Pieri

      Hello, I'm pretty new to Tableau and I'm wondering if it is possible to do a map containg dots, and if the map is too much zoomed out they group to form another dot, and the number of dot grouped by is written. And then when you zoom in, the dot ungroup themselves if they are far enough.


      I'm not sure how clear I am, so here is the thing I want.


      When it is unzoomed it should look like this :


      And then the more you zoom, the big dot split themselves in smaller ones.



      If you want to see how it works, those screenshots are from : Burger King France


      So my question is, is it possible, and if so could you help me in order to do it ?


      Thanks a lot and sorry if I made mistakes, english isn't my native language.