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    Updated Rank List of Countries

    Caitlyn Garger

      The attached workbook was made using Tableau Desktop 2018.3.3.




      So I have been analyzing some data on imports and exports and wanted to bring some extra data in on balance of trade values for the years 2008-2018 for all countries. I have that data brought in and I was visualizing the change using this animation:


      animation map.gif


      Now I like this visual but what i really want to do is to add a list of some of the "superpower" countries and display their rank year to year as the map changes.


      My first attempt to show this was the creation of a bump chart with unwanted countries hidden and I kept the 12 countries that I considered "superpowers". Unfortunately, I found out there is really no way to create a 'break' in the y-axis so this visual doesn't really help:



      Even though this isn't a great visual, this is the idea of what I want to do.

      The next idea (since I can't do the bump chart) was to do just a simple text list as shown in "Top 12 List Superpowers" worksheet.

      Here I created a list to show the ranks and sum(value) that shows the balance of payments for each year. I already hid the unwanted countries and kept the 12 I wanted.

      Now the format isn't great but it shows the rank change correctly:

      animated rank list.gif


      What I want to do is to have the positions of the countries to change so that the country with Rank =1 is always on top year-to-year.


      Would love any insight!


      Thank you!