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    Fixed Calc not using past dates


      I have a data set of results below


      Name     Date                First Order Time       Second Order Time

      1             20190213         7:13am                       8:00am

      2             20190213         7:05am                       7:30am

      3             20190213         7:01am                       9:03am



      I used a {fixed[Name]:min(First Order Time)} to get the timestamps for first order and a similar calc for the second order and timestamps are correct.  However all my data in the worksheet is only displaying for date 20190213.  I have verified there is a years worth of past dates with the same names in my data source and it is not being filtered out.  What I am trying to get is the same results as above but for all dates.  I want the first and second timestamps for each day by Name.  I think the FIXED:MIN calc is doing something but I don't know what