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    Formatting Question - Bar Chart Borders

    Adrien Pieper

      Hello guys,


      im pretty new to Tableau so I guess this will be easy for you to answer.

      My Tableau Version: 2018.2.2. 64-bit


      I am trying to do a chart for the "Bundestagswahl" in Germany. I made a diverging bar chart. So far so good.

      However, I'm failing to get both "bars" to be formatted equally. As you can see in the green-circle I made borders around the bars.

      I did the same for the bars highlighted in the red circle, however some borders are missing!

      I have tried so many things to fix this...but nothing worked.


      Maybe someone of you can help me.


      I have uploaded it to Tableau Public, so If you want to download the workbook in order to help me.



      Thank you very much in advance!!