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    Difference between two table calculations

    Kevin Ross



      Long time consumer of these posts, but my searching for a solution to this example came up empty. I have a data set that I am calculating the % difference from the first column of data and I have two years listed. Now I need to take the difference between those two columns of data.


      On the attached, I attempted to add a table calculation which doesn't work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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          Simon Runc

          hi Kevin,


          If I understand what you are after correctly, this should do the trick...


          First I made your "quick table calculation" a real calculated field, so I could reference it in another calculation (you can hold CTRL and drag it onto the Measures, left hand pane, and it will become a real calculated field)


          Once I had this I created this calculation

          [Difference SR]

          [Total Billing YoY Var %]


          LOOKUP([Total Billing YoY Var %],-1)


          What we have here is a nested Table  Calculation (the original one giving the % difference) and then this one with the LOOKUP function. When we get this we can get Tableau to run them over different levels.


          So I set up this element like this



          So on this part the LOOKUP works over year.


          Hope that is what you were after and makes sense.

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            Kevin Ross

            Thank you so much Simon!