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    help on calculation  for to count number of open issues between period of time

    Kumar Garikapati


      I have a table with a issues  with a Start Date and status change. i need to calculate how many issues are opened ,closed for particular period and how many were total issues for that rage of dates. how can i represent it in the with monthly change ,quarter change and year over year diff. i am attaching following screen to understand more.

      thanks for help



      open issues till 1/1/2011 -. 12 issues i.e  issues which were opened till 2011.

      in the period 1/1/11- 1/1/12  there were 4 new issues were  found in that period and 7 issues were closed  . total open issues are 9(12+4-7)

      1/1/12-1/1/13  there 6 issues were newly opened and  1 issue was closed  9(issues opened till last period)+6-1 please see attached for the screen shots.


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