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    Combined Top and Bottom


      Hello ALL ,


      please i need help.

      I am trying to have my top  and flop  store in the same sheet.

      But  when i want to choose my top/flop  10. I have 9 store in Top and 11 store in flop.

      I don't understand what happen.


      And, i asking top/ flop by step on 5 for exemple , sure i have something but not in the rank.


      Someone can tell me what happen exactly?

      I can't share my sheet because of data sensitive data.


      I make this to have  my Top-Flop:


      Step : i  create  3 sets:


      Step 2:  i create a parameter for my top/flop



      and i have this like result.







      Thanks for your help


      Rosy Mak