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    Tableau not sorted right

    Eleni Nistikaki

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I think my problem is simple but I haven't managed yet to find the solution.


      I have created a bar chart. It seems like the data are not right, because when I sort the same data in Excel top 10 are different.


      Please, help me!



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          Diego Parker

          Hey Eleni,


          Your problem is not about sorting but in what Tableau is doing. I had a look at your database and the problem is the following:


          In Tableau the Global Sales are being aggregated by GAME. This means that is adding ALL the platforms.




          In the other hand, Excel is just sorting the Global Total Sales so you can see there is a different row for GTA V in PS4 and another in GTA V in Xbox One.


          In summary, if you just want to look at a game level and not by console, Tableau is doing the correct sorting.


          I hope this answers your question. If does, please mark it as helpful/correct so other users can refer to it.