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    How Do I Calculate Daily Average in a Month

    Alistair Clark



      NameDateTimeDonuts Eaten
      Steve01-Jan12:20:00 PM5
      Steve02-Jan12:00:00 PM3
      Steve02-Jan2:30:00 PM2
      Steve03-Jan12:05:00 PM4
      Steve03-Jan1:35:00 PM1
      Gary01-Jan1:35:00 PM5
      Gary02-Jan12:00:00 PM5
      Gary03-Jan1:00:00 PM1
      Gary03-Jan1:05:00 PM1
      Gary03-Jan1:10:00 PM3




      how do i show the average donuts eaten per day - based on the date level and not the time


      if i do an average at the moment it averages all  lines - avg is 3


      but i want it by date - so the answer should be 5



      is there a way to automatically group the dates ? i dont know