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    Parameter set up

    Pauline Tisseyre

      Hi All,


      I created a parameter to display different measures on my viz.



      But I was wondering if there is any way to add to this parameter a 'ALL' option that will allow me to display the 4 measures together. Hope someone has any idea on how to do it!




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          Michael Gillespie

          Yes, but you'll have to create the calculated field that matches the ALL parameter entry manually.


          If we assume that you already have a calculated field that process the input from the parameter, you need to add a line to that field that defines the aggregation step to take when "All" is selected in the parameter.

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            Sumit Mangla


            Firstly, its great that my previous suggestion has helped you to achieve the result as expected, It would be great if you can mark the solution as answerd or helpful. Set a filter with Measure Names


            for this, you can add new value in parameter as "ALL" and modify the calcualtion as below . if i understand correctly you do not want to show sum of running sums and measure together. if yes you can modify the calc accordingly or add another value in parameter as "All Running sum" and sum other values



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              Paul Wachtler

              Hi Pauline,


              Do you mean that you want all 4 added together when you select "All"?  If so, first you can add an "All" value into your parameter:


              Then in your "c. Measure Selected" field you can update it to this:

              CASE [p. Measure Selected]

              WHEN "Total Reg." THEN RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Reg]))

              WHEN "Daily Reg." THEN SUM([Reg])

              WHEN "Total Rev." THEN RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Revenues]))

              WHEN "Daily Rev." THEN SUM([Revenues])

              WHEN "All" THEN

              RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Reg])) + SUM([Reg]) + RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Revenues])) + SUM([Revenues])




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                Pauline Tisseyre

                Hi Everyone,


                Sorry, I haven't been clear enough. I would like to add a 'ALL' option that will allow to display the 4 measures on the viz but not a sum of them. In other words, I would like to see the respective measures when ALL is selected:


                Total Reg.

                Daily Reg.

                Total Rev.

                Daily Rev.


                Does that make sense?