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    Displaying R Squared value in dashboard


      Hi All,


      I have a scatter plot dashboard with a trend line and I would like to display the R Squared value next to it. Normally I would just calculate the R^2 value with a calc like CORR(value1, value2)^2,

      however the way the data is structured makes this difficult. Essentially each "Identifier" has a value for two different "tools". In the example workbook provided you'll see that each identifier sample has a value for Sc2 and Sc3. In the source data these have their own rows which all have their numerical result in the column named "Result".


      I thought I'd be able to do something like "IF [Tool] = 'Sc2" THEN [Result] END" for each tool and then use those calcs to calculate the R Squared, but that doesn't work.


      Any ideas on how I could display the R Squared value with data structured in this manner would be helpful.