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    First day of last quarter




      Can some one please help me how to get the first day of the last quarter.



      Current date - 2/12/2019

      Last quarter = 2018'Q4

      First day of Last quarter = 10-1-2018


      Thank you

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          Alyn Still

          You can do this by combining two functions - dateadd and datetrunc.

          Using dateadd - we can find out the date three months ago (i.e. within last quarter)



          Using datetrunc - we can truncate/round-down a date to giving the start of the period, in our case the start of the quarter. The format for that would be:

               datetrunc('quarter',[Some date])


          If you combine these - by passing the 'last quarter' date into datetrunc, you get:


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            Joe Oppelt

            Just to add to what Alyn suggested, there are times when  people want to know the LAST day of a quarter or a month.


            You can do the same thing Alyn did, but position yourself to the first day of the NEXT quarter (or month) and then simply subtract 1 from that.


            In your case you would only need to DATETRUNC to the current quarter, and then subtract 1.


            datetrunc('quarter',[DateFieldName]) -1


            That would give you the last day of the prior quarter.


            DATEADD('month', 1, DATETRUNC('month',[Date Field]))-1


            That would give you the last day of the current month.  (Truncate to the beginning of this month.  Add a month.  Subtract a day.)  Tableau date math is robust enough to get the right last day (30, 31, 28 or 29) based on what month is it and leap years and all.

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              Deepak Rai

              Here it is:



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