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    How to create a Quarter parameter or dashboard action that filters two different date dimensions?

    Cindy Do

      Hi all,


      I have two different quarter dimensions: ActivityQuarter and SalesQuarter. On my dashboard, I have 2 sheets that are based on the ActivityQuarter field and 3 sheets that are based on the SalesQuarter field. I need a way that I can use a single filter on the dashboard to filter all sheets.



      I've attached a sample workbook. In the Summary tab, you can see a list of sales and activities. The SalesQuarter corresponds to each sale. You can see that per sale, the corresponding activity may have a different ActivityQuarter.


      On the dashboard, I need a way to filter Total Activities and Activities per Quarter sheets by ActivityQuarter. At the same time, I need to filter Total Sales, Quantity of Sales, and Sales per Quarter sheets by SalesQuarter.


      For example, if I filter the dashboard to "18-Q4," all sheets using the ActivityQuarter field will filter to 18-Q4 and all sheets using the SalesQuarter field will also filter to 18-Q4


      I've tried using a parameter with a calculated field that says ActivityQuarter=SalesQuarter which works but is limited to a single selection. The user needs to be able to use one Quarter filter that is multi-select and affects all sheets on the dashboard. How can I achieve this?