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    How to make stacked bar chart and single line percentage bar chart with this record?

    Richie Berlin

      Hello all!


      1) Please tell me how to make a stacked bar chart 4 bar(based on year) (If no team won, "No participants" in same year bar)


      2) One more Chart with with Single Bar Percentage chart?


      When trying to make single bar chart with my other huge data, I get 105% and Im not able to limit it to 100%,
      also please let me know if we can make a 4 stacked bar and another chart of single line percentage bar with 100%?
      All I have is dimension fields? should i be changing it to measure field and then use for creation of stacked bar? and for percentage?





      Thanks and regards,


      Attached datasource below.


      Message was edited by: Richie Berlin I have updated the datasource, because the number of records won't be the same based on the TEAMs won, please help me get the same bar chart which you have attached. also for the second chart, attached is the percentage single stacked bar chart (I want exactly like this for the second chart) thanks zz