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    Calculate Average




      How can I calculate the average age of my column data? Thanks!!!

      I tried to use "Total", but it looks wired(second one). Anybody can help me?




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          Scott Hoffman

          Are you trying to do average age by year born in (not sure that makes sense in most scenarios)?


          If you attached your workbook it would be easier to assist but my guess is you want to remove the birth year and put an avg() around age.


          Let me know if you have any questions.




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            Hi Scott!


            Thanks for your help.

            I really want to share my worksheet but I cannot, sorry...

            (Let me elaborate more clearly, I want to calculate the average age about people in a certain year. The figure shows below is that, there is 1 person that born in 1927, currently he is 83-year-old.)

            I wonder what is the average age of all the group of people?

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              Scott Hoffman

              I made a sample data set based on your screen shot.


              I put avg(age) into the Marks>Text and Year into the rows.  I then went to analytics and added a total.  I used automatic since I didn't want an average of an average.


              Let me know if you have any questions.