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    Cell Color-Coding

    Dean Frickey

      I have some data that I am presenting in tabular form in Tableau.  I would like to be able to color-code specific cells based on some defined thresholds. 


      I’ve done some searching and found information on “Legends per Measure” (https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/whatsnew_desktop.htm#legends_per_measure) but that doesn’t do what I need because it gives a background color to the entire row.  I also looked at Conditionally Formatting Cell Background Color” (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/conditional-format-row-background-color) but it, too, didn’t seem to be what I needed because I’m using Measured Names.  So, I have decided to post this question to the forum.


      I have attached sample2.twbx which produces the viz shown here.


      actual viz.png





      This is what I would like Tableau to produce.

      desired viz.png




      Where the color-coding thresholds are defined by the following.


      > 0.5% = yellow

      > 2.0% = orange

      > 4.0% = red


      Also, notice that I’m only interested in the color-coding in the “NO” columns and the “% Count” and “% Volume” rows.


      Any ideas to how I can do this would be appreciated.


      Thank you.


      - Dean


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          Michel Caissie



          Here is on possible solution.

          Create two color logic calculation for each measure you want to color.


          case ATTR( [Valid] )

          when 'NO' then

              if SUM([% Count]) > .04 then 'CntRed'

              elseif SUM([% Count]) > .02 then 'CntOrange'

              elseif SUM([% Count]) > .005 then 'CntYellow'

              else 'CntWhite'


          else 'CntWhite'



          case ATTR( [Valid] )

          when 'NO' then

              if SUM([% Volume]) > .04 then ' VolRed'

              elseif SUM([% Volume]) > .02 then ' VolOrange'

              elseif SUM([% Volume]) > .005 then ' VolYellow'

              else 'VolWhite'


          else 'VolWhite'



          Concatenate both in what will be your final Color measure

          [Color(%Count)] + [Color(%Volume)]


          Now, Ctrl-Click  Color and Measure Names  and drag both on the color shelf.

          You can see that you get a color for every possible combinations. Just set the colors accordingly.

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            Dean Frickey

            Thank you.  I'll try using your idea.

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              Matt Lutton

              If you want to dive in and learn more about why this is challenging in Tableau versus Excel, I would recommend the following blog/reading:


              Older But Still Useful – Conditional Formatting | Drawing with Numbers


              Anything is possible in Tableau, but Tableau works with 'marks' and not 'cells' -- the trick in the above example is using multiple dual axes setups to produce multiple marks cards. So, finding a way to color the "marks" in your view should always be the goal in Tableau, and with text, that means all the text on a marks card gets whatever is on the color shelf.


              I hope this helps -- sometimes just changing the chart into a multiple measure bar chart or something else visually helps to make the conditional formatting more consumable in Tableau.

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