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    Internal error after saving flow (FederatedQueryOptimizer.cpp line 1974)

    Eric Tobias

      I have a flow that works fine. Not overly complex. It does some cleaning, aggregation, pivots rows to columns and writes to both Server and a file. The flow runs when I create it, and the first time I run it after that, but if I open it, make changes and save it, it will no longer work and throws the following error:


      Something went wrong and we were unable to process output step: Failure parsing AQL: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.


      LogicException details: LogicAssert at D:\tc\work\maestro-2018-3\g-pc\modules\platform\tabqueryfed\main\query\optimizer\FederatedQueryOptimizer.cpp line 1974: Unable to find connection to evluate expression.

      Try running the flow again or reviewing the log file for more details.


      I'll reiterate... the flow runs fine when it's created, and even after I save it (via command line execution), but once it's saved, if I re-open the file and try to run it in the GUI it throws the error. And if I save the file after the error occurs it won't even run from a command line afterwards.


      This is blocking a final release of a whole lot of work, so any quick assistance would be hugely appreciated.

      I have submitted a Support case, but the last time I had a Prep issue it took weeks to get a response, which will be a huge problem for the project I'm working on.


      Edit: A workaround I've found for now is if I delete both output steps and recreate them the error goes away. But this means every time I make a change to the flow I have to delete the output steps, recreate them, then save immediately. Any subsequent saves without recreating the outputs will still throw the above mentioned error.