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    Filtering historical_events based on workbook permission level

    Samuel Yates

      Hello everyone,


      I'm having some issues filtering my dashboard and I was wondering if anyone might have some answers. Here's the story so far:


      Trying to recreate a user accessible version of the traffic to views screen from the tableau admin tools. Done, works great.

      I only want to show users traffic stats for workbooks that they own. So I set up RLS where username()=workbook_owner.  Done, works great.


      I'm feeling super cool at this point, then my colleague suggests that it would be great if I could show stats to anyone with publish permissions in order to eliminate a key person dependency.  Now I'm stuck.


      I have done the postgres to get historical events. And I have done the postgres to get a list of project/workbook/user/capabilities thanks to scouring this forum.


      How would you combine these to filter that dashboard view? I can't find any reasonable way to join them together without everything exploding.

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          Joe Oppelt

          We place users into groups on the server.  (Users can be in multiple groups, BTW.)


          I have sheets and buttons and other objects on dashboards that only certain users can see.  For instance we might have a group called "Finance".  Anyone in the "Finance" group can see a particular sheet.  But I expose filters for that sheet only to certain users.  These users I have put into a second group called "Power_Finance_Users".  And I control display of the filters with a calc that says:


          IF ISMEMBEROF("Power_Finance_Users") then 1 else 0 END


          I do this for Power_Broadcast_Users and Power_Pledge_Users as well.  It has worked out very nicely for me.


          Specific to your question, you could put people with publish permission into a special group, and then prevent everyone else's access to stuff only the publishers should see.

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            Samuel Yates

            Thanks Joe, that's helpful. I should be a little more specific I'm trying to filter workbooks to only display themselves to users with publish rights to that particular workbook or even project.


            I think if I understand you correctly, I'd be making a group for each workbook of users who can publish it. If there's a way to automate that, then I guess I could go for it. But otherwise, I'm not sure that would work.