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    Where can I host my data?

    Ryan P

      I'm having the hardest time figuring out where I can host my data. We have a variety of spreadsheets on local machines that we want to load to the cloud so we can share using Tableau Online, but I get the sense Tableau won't host this data. It's not a lot of data though, so I hate to get into Azure, AWS, or some other large hosting solution. Can anybody point me to something with a layman's explanation of the options? Maybe something like linking to Office 365 or SharePoint Excel file(s). Most training online is more focused on using Tableau once it's linked to data, and other resources seem to require I already have a Tableau account--we don't want to get an account until we fully understand the hosting requirements for an online implementation. Thanks!

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          Chris McClellan

          Why not use a published data source (if the data is shared between workbooks) or a packaged workbook (if the data is not shared) ?


          Tableau does allow for data storage, from memory you get 10GB with a Tableau Online account.


          BUT .... yes, a "more robust" database solution would be better, but that would also take time & money to setup.  I'm happy to discuss options if you want more info

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            Ryan P

            Many thanks for the reply. I'll look into published sources and packaged workbooks (I'm very new to Tableau). Our use case is that we get new data every week in Excel, but we want to store it cumulatively (so we can do analysis over time), so we are trying to figure out a way to just add/append new data to a common repository without having to email files back and forth (like I imagine we'd have to do with a packaged workbook). We have users in a handful of locations, so unfortunately we aren't all in the same office (so a shared drive isn't an easy option, though as I say that, maybe something like Dropbox would give us what we need). I'll also look into the Tableau storage. Thanks again!

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              Chris McClellan

              Where are you based ? (country/timezone ?)


              I might have a simple, low-cost solution that could help

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                Ryan P

                I am in South Carolina US, and we have some users in Georgia US. We may add users who could be anywhere in the US, but for now I'd say we are mostly eastern time United States.

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                  Chris McClellan

                  I'd recommend Snowflake - it's very cost-effective, you only pay for the time you use it where most other vendors you pay just to have the system running.


                  Snowflake also allows for a 30 day trial so you can test if it's the right thing for you.


                  I'd be happy to help you with this solution, but it would be off-topic in this forum.  My contact details are in my profile if you want to get in touch to talk more - even if it's just to test as a trial