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    When using MAX([data]) I want the corresponding data from the same row.

    Robert Rogness

      I'm not sure about the proper way to word this question, so I apologize if I ramble. And I apologize if my selected tags and categories are incorrect.


      I'm using USGS data to show the largest non-earthquake seismic events.





      I attached two images that show my current work since the above two images do not show my filters, marks, dimensions, and measures. The circled areas are supposed to be the same place. The first image says, "90km SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska". While the second image says, "97km SE of Chitina, Alaska". They are both wrong. The place value for the largest magnitude for that county (USGS1.jpg) and place value for the largest magnitude for that quarter (USGS2.jpg) should say "70km SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska" for both. What am I doing wrong?