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    Automate a Report on Tableau Online

    Rajiv Kumar



      I have to make a report on tableau and publish it on tableau online, so that it will work automatically (refresh) from the database server.  The report has 3 sections based on date. Suppose I am making a report on Jan Month.

      Current Month (Jan 2019)

      Previous Month (Dec 2018)

      January 2018- Nov 2018


      As you can see above 3 section. I have made the report based on above date criteria. The problem is I want it to be automate such that in Feb month the above criteria change to


      Current Month (Feb 2019)

      Previous Month (Jan 2019)

      Jan 2018 - Dec 2018


      Similarly for next march month the month will be shifted.


      I want to know which query i should write on tableau so that I can get automated results whenever i change the date range.




      Rajiv Kumar