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    Tableau Pointing to Temp Location Instead of Excel and MS Access Source

    Michael Murphy

      Tableau Community,

      This one is driving me crazy and I haven't been able to find another post that was after 2012. I am running Tableau 10.5.2 and I have a workbook that is connected to an Oracle, MS access and Excel spreadsheet (cross database join). I have 100s of workbooks that connect to excel and ms access databases and refresh from a shared drive that Tableau server can access. For this particular workbook, it points to a temp directory every single time for the MS Access and Excel source. I have tried remapping the data sources dozens of times using the full shared drive name (no aliases) and every time I publish the workbook ends up pointing to the temp folder and thus not refreshing from the correct location. I have saved the workbook as a .twb , removed and regenerated all extracts with appropriate mapping and it still occurs. Has anyone run into this before and have any suggestions? Thank you!