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    How can I change a cell background color


      Hello everyone!


      I have an issue where I am attempting to add background color to a cells. Now I found  this article explaining how: https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/conditional-format-row-background-color. However, I need to to do this to dimensions not a measure. So I'm not sure how to convert my dimension to a calculated field correctly.  The dimension is "Status" and they way its set up in the database is as follows: "Red" means the job is still Waiting to run, "Yellow" means the job is In Progress, and "Green" means the job is Completed. At first I tried to create a calculated field to do this automatically, but with no success I ended up just changing the aliases. So now I want to have the background cells colored to fit the job progress.


      Here is what it should look like (Excel Sheet):


      Here is what I have in Tableau so far:



      So I hope everyone understands what I am trying to do here. Any help is appreciated!

      Thank You!