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    calculated fields with coutnd/sales funnel

    Petia Rangelova



      Attached is a workbook for orders and sales phases. I need to count how many orders are in each of the phases, represent per selling line and calculate conversion % form phase 1 to phase 2, phase 2 to phase 3. The thing is that for some order ids there is more than one line, so I would need to count per phase with a distinct count of order ids.


      Here is what I have in the workbook and what I am trying to figure out:

      I have the funnel displayed showing number of orders per phase. I get the same number of orders for each line (which is the total). How can I see the funnel per selling line with correct count?


      I have done the calculated fields with conversions as per this formula:

      {FIXED Stage:COUNTD(if Stage='Phase 2' then [Order number] END)}/{FIXED Stage:COUNTD(if Stage='Phase 1' then [Order number] END)}



      How can I display these on the funnel or a separate sheet? I only see zeros?


      How can I calculate the % of all order numbers in phase 3 that have reached status 'won' in that phase 3? (there are repetitions in order number and status in phase 3 can be 'won', 'lost' or open)