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    Dashboard - Sheet selector

    Javier Sarrelli

      Hi all!

      Maybe you can help me: D


      I have a dashboard. The dashboard is divided into 2 sections. The upper part with filters and different sheets that show a series of indicators.



      The other part shows graphs (Bottom)

      I would like to change the graphic depending on the selection of the indicator.



      For example. If the indicator "3 - Pedidos con facturas sin entregas o parciales" is selected in the part below, the chart of the "ID 3 - Graph" should appear.

      If the indicator "4 - Facturas de prov. sin pedido x montos superiores" is selected in the part below, the graph of the sheet "ID 4 - Graph" should appear.



      Is there any way to do this?

      If you see the workbook, you will see a series of parameters created because I tried to do it without success.



      Additionally, as you will see in the filters there are the months that change the indicators at the top. However, when an indicator is selected and the graph below changes, the graph shows the annual evolution. Which should take the year of the filter. I have not managed to do it either.







      For these reasons I approach you.



      I hope comments.

      Thank you.