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    How can we improve Best of the Tableau Web?

    Andy Cotgreave

      Hi everyone,

      I've been doing Best of the Tableau Web posts for over 6 yrs! I dearly love doing them, because it gives me a chance to see the amazing ideas you all come up with, and to share them with a wider audience.


      How can we make BOTW better?

      I want to know answers to a few questions:

      • What would you change about Best of the Tableau Web?
      • Do you click on all the links, or just a few? Why? How do you choose which to link to?
      • Would you be interested in seeing these in different formats?
      • What have been the good things about Best of the Tableau Web? Has it had any impact on you, or inspired anything?


      In this thread, please let me know your thoughts. I'm open to all ideas.


      How I curate BOTW

      My curation process is largely by reading Tableau content on Twitter and LinkedIn. However, I also use Feedly as a feed reader. It is increasingly easier to use that than find everything elsewhere. Thus: if you blog about Tableau, I'd really like to be sure your blog is in my list. I currently follow over 100 Tableau-related blogs. Check if yours is on my list. If it isn't then let me know via this Google Form.


      I'm looking forward to continuing these posts - help me make them better!