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    Customized Views

    Rahul Chetwani

      Hi ,


      I have got one problem ,let say one filed application Manager and 2nd field is Application ,I want to create a report which shows only specific Application and it's information to it's Application Manager . I have tried User filters and Row level security to get their name and filter the data but many of our Application Manager doesn't have name in Users group in Tableau .So how to create a report for non Tableau users with customised views

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          Prasanna R

          Hi Rahul,


          Users might not have groups for themselves by they do login and have their own account to view the dashboards right. If that is the case then the User Filters should be the way to go.


          To create views, you should filter the dashboard the Manager should see the data and then click on 'View:Original' button on the Tableau Toolbar. Type in the Manager Name or anything that is easily distinguishable > Check 'Make it public' and 'Save'. So you will have that option available for everyone and users can pick their respective views from the list.


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            Rahul  Chetwani

            Hi Prasana,


            No, their name is not there in Tableau Server, Neither in any group nor Individually.