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    Waterfall Chart with Monthly Totals and Date filters




      I am trying to create a waterfall chart that shows the monthly total on the first bar, a waterfall chart broken down by Type in the middle, and the most current month total on the right. In other words, I'm trying to show the steps/changes that happened between months. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the monthly total bars on either side of the waterfall chart.


      Another piece of complexity is that we would like to be able to lasso 3 (or more) months on the "Overview" bar graph on a dashboard, and have that navigate to the waterfall chart on a different dashboard that shows the earliest month selected and the last month selected and the steps in between broken down by Type (shown in the waterfall sheet).


      I'm really struggling with both the month total bars on either side and the complex dashboard actions. Any and all advice is welcome!


      Thanks so much,




      ps the workbook version is 10.5