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    Connecting missing points in Multi-line Graph and discrete axis

    Kris Davis

      While working with a graph containing multiple lines, a discrete X-axis and some lines with missing data points, I've typically had to change the axis to continuous when I wanted all the points have connecting lines (even the missing points).  However, I accidentally discovered a technique which allows the points to connect even when the axis is discrete, but I don't really understand why it works. I search for similar situations, but they all seem to "add" missing points, rather than connecting the points.


      I've created a simple workbook with arbitrary data.

      • The DiscreteX sheet shows the problem - with missing connections.
      • The ContinuousX sheet shows the typical solution, but I really don't want a continuous axis based on the value (small value compress to the left).
      • The MissingValueFilter sheet shows a working solution, which uses a filter of an aggregate value based on a test for a missing value: calculation = ATTR(NOT ISNULL([Value])


      Thus, I'm turning DiscreteX graph into MissingValueFilter graph


      DiscreteX.png===>>>>               MIssingValueFilter.png


      Can someone explain why the Aggregate Filter works (connects without leaving gaps)?  Is there a better way to accomplish the same thing without changing the x-axis?  The calculated field doesn't show when I view data source data, or view data within the graph, and I can't seem to get my brain around it.