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    Conditional formatting of measure & different measures in same cell

    Dolev A



      I've got 2 separate unanswered questions, hope you could help me out


      1. Conditional formatting of a measure


      How can i create a measure that changes it's color dynamically with a given condition?

      For example, lets say this is my table:





      I would like to create a condition to the ROI measure only that changes the values colors. For example, IF ROI>140% THEN 'Green' ELSE 'Red' END. (something like that)




      2. I wonder if there is any way to show 2 different measures in one cell. for example in the table above, spend and % of total, in the same cell. It should look like that:



      GER120%400400 , 44%
      FRA130%1010 , 1%
      USA170%300300, 33%
      CAN50%200200 , 22%


      (400 is 44% of the total column, 10 is 1% etc.)


      Hope my questions are clear,

      Thanks a lot !