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    Tableau Online Site Admin Role - New user creation

    Ajeet .


      I am Admin of tableau online ( Login | Tableau Online )


      I have three projects/folders here:


      Now, I want to create a user that can access to this link using username and password, and publish any dashboard to project "Non-APPI" only. I also want that the newly created can neither  view/publish to  APPI project nor in default.


      I have created a new user using Users Tab, and then Set Site role as Site Admin Explorer.

      I also set Group membership to this user only.

      The problem is when this newly created user login to this space using his email id and pwd, he can see all the three projects, and also he is able to publish a dashboard from tableau desktop in any of the projects, So, my requirements are:


      1. Create a new user that can access a specific folder/project X, AND

      2. The newly created user can only publish that folder/project X



      Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks