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    Fiscal Year over Year Comparison (Cohort Analysis???)

    Scott Carman

      Afternoon all,


      Ok so I am working on a project and I think the correct viz is a cohort analysis.  


      What I am comparing - for an organization different financial funds over time.  So for example one fiscal year a fund is issued and the next fiscal year another fund is issues.  The money from each of these funds can be obligated for a total of 24 months.  So what I am trying to do is show one financial fund over the top of another financial fund so that month one of each of the funds lines up on the far left handside of the viz.


      For the sample of my data, I limited the data to just 12 months but the fiscal years are different.


      Here is a picture of what I think I want:


      Tableau Pic Idea.jpg

      Now that said, I am not a Tableau genius so if you have ideas that would make this analysis more effective, please feel free to give me your $.02 worth.  As I look at cohort analyses, the part that is most confusing is where to put the calculated field - filter shelf, columns, both?


      Attached is a workbook with some sample data.


      Thank you in advance!