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    Incremental extract based on a unix ms timestamp failing

    Yosef Sukenik


      I am trying to setup an incremental (scheduled) extract of DynamoDB tables to a Tableau extract.

      As incremental extract requires either date, datetime or integer in the source database, I used a timeCreated field. In my DB, this field is a unix timestamp in milliseconds. Because a MS timestamp is 13 digits long, Tableau returned an error that the value is out of range for an int32 value (int32 is only 10 digits long).

      How can I get around this error to make my extract work?

      So far, my best idea is to change my source DB and add an integer field that stores the timestamp as unix time but in seconds (my current timestamp field divided by 1000). Is there a way to solve this problem without changing my source DB?

      Thank you,