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    How to add a % of row for a table


      Hi everyone,


      I am using Tableau 2018.1 and I am trying to create a highlight table with two metrics that would show for each row (and column):

      1. The total in the row (or column)

      2. This total number as a % of the whole table


      I managed to create 1., but struggling with 2.

      In the screenshot below, I would like to show that the row Furniture, which has a total of $742,000 represents 32% of the total sales display in the table. Ideally I would like to show that percentage number just after the total.

      Same idea for the column, i.e., show that the total Central Sales of $501,240 represent 22% of the total sales in the table.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,

      Thank you!