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    Dynamically swap sheets (not views) in a dashboard?

    Alexandra Statham

      I've read a lot of stuff about swapping sheets to create a different view for the same data. But that's not quite what I want to do.


      I have a map with a SELECT action filter on it. AKA when they select something on the map, it displays a specific worksheet in the side panel on a dashboard.

      Is is possible to select WHICH worksheet is displayed in this side panel based on what is selected on the map?

      Example: If I select an employee dot on the map, it will display the employee worksheet in the side panel. If I select a supplier on the map, it will display the supplier worksheet in the side panel instead. (note: I'm using a dual-axis map to plot two sets of data ((suppliers and employees)) on the same map.)

      Basically I'm trying to hot swap two completely different worksheets in the same panel of a dashboard. Or do both worksheets always have to have their own dedicated panel on a dashboard?


      Seems like it would be useful to have more than a generic SELECT filter action, but something that would recognize the TYPE of data selected (employee or supplier) and display the correct worksheet in a dynamic panel on a dashboard.

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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Alexandra,

          This is possible with two dashboard actions, you have to use the field by which you want to filter on rows or columns of the worksheet you want to show. For instance here is my dual axis map:

          I want to show Tract Name values in one worksheet when selecting a polygon and County Nam in another worksheet when selecting the highway lines. These fields are in the Detail shelf in my map. I put both worksheets with detail onto a single container in a dashboard.

          Finally set up two action filters with the specific target field:

          That should do the trick, other details may include hiding the worksheet titles to tidy the dashboard.

          Hope this helps!