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    Help, dual Axis Map is not filtering on Dashboard

    Jeanette Maas-Boness

      Hello everybody I am quite new with Tableau and I really love it. I am as a student working and I have created a Dashboard, that has sensitive Data

      so I am not allowed unfortunately to share it with you.

      The Dashboard is created from 2 data sources one (regions) that has defined regions: EMEA, Americas and New York (I know - but they want it like that and no changes!)

      and location of responsibilities: New York, Dublin and London - there are no countries at all. And the second datasource (countries) I created with Regions:EMEA, Americas/ cities: New York, Dublin, London /Countries: all countries relevant for EMEA and Americas.

      Than I created a Map with one Axis 2 groups of countries - EMEA / Americas and the second Axis with Cities New York, Dublin and London (where I had to put in the Latitude and Longitude manual because Tableau was not recognizing the Cities)


      Then I tried to connect the 2 Datasources with a joint through Region - filtering was not working

      then I tried to define relationship primary (regions) secondary (countries) region=region - filtering still not working.


      What is my problem here? why can I not connect the different workbooks created from datasource (regions) with the map created with datasource (countries) ??


      Thank you very much for any help !